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Lush and full-bodied, this is the "secret ingredient" chefs use in their own kitchens. Made from locally-grown grapes, this barrel-aged vinegar will transport your tastebuds to the vineyards of wine country.  

Offering striking aroma and a beautiful ruby color, our Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar has a distinctively fruity flavor, yet still retains the acidic balance which is the signature of world-class cuisine. 

Popular uses include:

  • Ideal with grilled figs
  • Sings on avocado toast
  • Great as a reduction sauce
  • Pairs well with grilled meats
  • Pour over stone fruit and feta
  • Dress a summer tomato salad
  • Enhance red sauces and stews
  • Drizzle over roasted vegetables
  • Brighten egg and potato tortillas
  • Marinade a roast pork tenderloin
  • Flavor summer greens and salads
  • Essential in Caesar salad dressings
  • Deglazing the pan when cooking fish
  • Whisk with EVOO to make vinaigrette
With a purity of flavor, celebrate the bright summer pleasures of Mother Nature.

Acidity: 6% | contains sulfites

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