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Combined with fresh dairy, dark Swiss and creamy milk chocolate, Chocolat Pâté is a thicker, sliceable chocolate mousse. Possessing a silky mouthfeel and long finish, this sophisticated dessert is nuanced and balanced - revealing flavors so rich and layered, it takes your taste buds to places you never knew existed. 

This pâté is delectable enough to stand alone, or you can balance out the richness by serving it with fresh fruit or sorbet. Chocolat Pâté pairs with many of your favorite wines and cheeses. Did someone say charcuterie board? Yes, please.

STORAGE: Chocolat Pâté is best consumed within 8 weeks of its arrival and must be refrigerated. Store in an air-tight container or re-sealable freezer bag at 41ºF or cooler.

SERVING: Slice Chocolat pâté when cold (clean blade between slices). For optimum flavor, before serving, allow pâté to come to room temperature. 

During the warm months, Chocolat Pâté is packed with ice packs. You must be present when the shipment arrives to avoid leaving the package out in a warm area, and to store them in your refrigerator as soon as possible. If the ice pack arrives melted don’t worry, that’s normal. As long as the chocolate is not melted and the pâté is not warm to the touch - it's ok! 

A delicious gift for giving to friends, family, sweethearts, associates, clients ... or yourself!

Serves 6+
Packaging: Black gift box

Net Weight: 9oz
Contains: Fresh Dairy
Calories: 130 per 1oz slice
Carbs: 7g per 1oz slice
Shelf-life: Two months

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