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1. What is BACI Kitchen?

BACI Kitchen is a boutique purveyor and producer of high-quality artisan food. From 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil to cask-aged, single-varietal red wine vinegars, we offer a rich array of flavors, perfect for every palate. We are dedicated to eating healthier, cooking with real ingredients and supporting the artisan food community.

2. How is BACI Kitchen different from other online retailers?

BACI Kitchen specializes in sourcing high-quality foods from small artisan producers who have minimal exposure in the marketplace. All of our offerings are authentically artisan.

3. What makes our extra virgin olive oil the best?

Sixty-nine percent of olive oil sold in US supermarkets are mis-labeled as extra virgin. Real EVOO has a naturally occurring compound called polyphenol—which has been proven to lower blood pressure, improve heart health, reduce inflammation, slow the aging process and fight some cancers. To be labeled “extra virgin,” olive oil must have no less than 55 mg/kg of polyphenol content. Ours is packed with 360 mg/kg. No dilutions, no additions, no substitutions. Just simple goodness—from our kitchen to yours.

4. How does your EVOO compare to what’s on the grocery shelf? 

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil such as ours is extracted using a process called: cold-pressing—which is the best way to preserve the phenolic content, preserving the health benefits of the fruit. The International standard fatty acid (oleic acid, specifically) level of EVOO is .8%. The very best EVOOs in the world have acidity levels of about .25% to .33%. Ours has .36%, which indicates an ultra premium olive oil.

5. How much olive oil should I consume to get the most health benefits? 

We recommend one tablespoon a day to promote a healthy lifestyle and for disease prevention, two tablespoons a day if you have a health condition. But, remember, all olive oils are not created equal. These quantities are recommendations for premium olive oil with a high phenolic content such as ours. 

6. Can you cook with EVOO?

Absolutely! EVOO is perfect for frying and baking as well as making sauces, dressings and vinaigrettes. People use to think cooking with olive oil was unhealthy, but this isn’t true of premium olive oils. The high phenolic content of our EVOO increases the smoke point—the temperature at which oils start to burn. So, you can cook with our EVOO at high temperatures without worrying about destroying the nutrients in your food. 

7. Is olive oil really healthier than other types of vegetable oil? 

Yes. Other vegetable oils don’t contain polyphenols such as oleocanthal which have been tested for their roles in the prevention and treatment of health conditions such as hypertension, Alzheimer’s and cancer. 

8. Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil go bad? 

Yes. Although premium olive oils last longer than lower quality varieties—polyphenols are antioxidants that increase the shelf-life—even the best EVOO can go rancid. Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be stored in the dark—away from heat, and consumed within 2 years of purchase. Once the bottle is open, it should be consumed within 2 months for the ultimate health benefits. 

9. Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil vegan?


10. How should I store my oils and vinegars? Do they expire?

Our olive oils should be stored out of direct sunlight and away from exposure to heat, so a kitchen cabinet or pantry is perfect. Refrigeration is not required, but if you do, allow the oil to return to room temperature before using.

Our vinegars are fermented products and due to their acidic nature, are self-preserving and do not need to be refrigerated. Like our oils, they should be stored in a kitchen cabinet or pantry— protected from extreme temperatures and sunlight. Like the wines they originate from, because of their acid content, vinegar practically has an indefinite shelf life. In fact, premium vinegars tend to improve with age (especially those made with red wines).

11. I’m purchasing your products as a gift. What is the packaging like?

Our entire collection of EVOO, vinegars and vinaigrettes are packaged in Italian glass bottles—that look beautiful on countertops, or the dinner table. The bottle is clear glass which means you can appreciate the vivid colors of the artisan ingredients. Our proprietary “BUILD A BOX” gifting platform includes two 375ml bottles of your choice, two dispensers, and a personalized gift card. Both bottles are packaged in a custom white box that displays our logo on top.

12. Can I subscribe to monthly shipments?

Not at this time, but we're working on it. As we work with our small farms and producers—who have limited inventory—we have yet to establish a supply-chain that works for everybody. Once we have the logistics worked out, we’ll announce our subscription service. 

13. Where can I find help with ordering?

If you have issues using the site, please contact us at

14. How long will my order take to process?

Orders placed Monday through Thursday typically process within 24-hours. Orders placed Friday through Sundays can take up to 48-hours to process.

15. How long will my order take to ship?

Orders shipped to California, and select regions of Western Nevada and Arizona, takes up to three days for delivery (approximately). Orders shipped to the rest of the US typically takes up to 3 - 10 business days—depending on location.

16. How can I check the status of my order?

If you registered an account at check out, you can log back in at any time and check the status of your order. If you checked out as a guest, please contact the kitchen at Additionally, the confirmation email sent to your email address contains a link to check the status of your order.

17. Where do you ship to?

Currently, we only ship to the continental U.S.

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